Full service virtual production studio based in heart of Warsaw. We do not build just a picture frame, but whole worlds. 

Limitless possibilities

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What we do

VuFinder Studios is the perfect Virtual Production studio providing a full-service solution for both virtual and traditional production.

Immersive experience

Digital backgrounds, we call them environments, can now be created in advance as a 3D world and displayed on the LED walls of VUFINDER STUDIOS.

Powered by the Unreal Engine, virtual environments are interactively displayed on the LED screens in real-time and CG worlds immerse talent and production crew, capturing dynamic visual effects in-camera.

We deeply care about the experience you’ll have while creating your masterpiece.



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Behind the Scenes







Red Planet Mars – Case Study


Otwarte Klatki




meet our team

The management duo run VuFinder Studios by creating vision for the company, leading the team and gaining new clients.

Łukasz Tomasz Kołtunowicz

CEO / Executive Producer

16 years of experience in film industry, made him confident that VP is the future.

Melania Kulczycka

Client Director

Working with virtual simulations for MoD and managing projects, gave her a deeper appreciation of virtual reality.


Our virtual production facility, VuFinder Studios is a permanent 600 sqm studio situated in downtown Warsaw, Poland.

In terms of technology, we have everything you need. With over 800 sqm of fully modular LED volume, extensive virtual production capabilities, and multiple studio space options, our facility can be utilized and customized to create the astonishing visual content that audiences now demand.

Now you can make your custom-built virtual production stages at any location.

Key Features:

  • 600 sqm main studio size (28 m x 22m)
  • Fully modular LED volume, including main wall, ceiling, floor and additional side panels up to 800 sqm
  • 2.6mm pixel pitch
  • MoSys camera tracking system
  • Unreal Engine rendering servers A6000
  • Native Unreal 5.1 workflows
  • 10 bit depth video